African Mango Smoothie

African Mango Both Sweet And Medicinal

African Mango is a fruit that is touted to have benefits in both the culinary and the medicinal worlds. Being a fruit, many people would be surprised that this fleshy gem is a great source of many micro and macro nutrients! The African Mango has its benefits seeded in many areas of human health; and to no surprise, as the proof is in the, well, not so much the pudding, but the fleshy skin so to speak.

Traditionally, the African Mango was used as an antidote to ailments such as yellow fever, dysentery, and varying infections. The antibacterial properties of this fruit are plentiful, thus concluding its use for so long in many indigenous tribes in Africa. In addition to being a super-healer of the fruit world, African Mango also is a healthy snack for all-around well being. The fruit contains essential amino acids, as well as a healthy helping of fat and protein. Many people would overlook the African Mango, chalking it up to be a carbohydrate filled indulgence; not so! The African Mango provides the body with a surprising amount of vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, iron, calcium, and vitamin C (Parker, n.d.).

The African Mango is most popularly known for its appetite suppression capabilities. The hype around weight loss, however, does not have its home in the fruit’s fleshy outer layer. The proclaimed benefits of such bold claims “live” in the seed of this fruit. The African Mango’s seed holds the key to all the supposed power that is commonly heard about the fruit; some food for thought!

Putting the claims of slim bodies aside, the African Mango is a wonder in the culinary world, enabling chefs of all skills to whip up something that is truly an exotic treat! African Mango is used in both sweet and savory dishes. For example, a refreshing salad can be made from African Mango and cucumbers. The duo of African Mango and cucumber paired with some zesty cilantro and some potent cinnamon and chopped nuts will make the perfect side to any meal that needs some bold flavor.

Continuing on with the tasty possibilities of African Mango, there are some dishes that are best served cold. One of them absolutely is the African Mango Fool (Sharon123, n.d.). This simple recipe only calls for two, plump African Mangoes, a bit of sugar, and a dab of whipped cream to taste on the top. The only preparation entails throwing the pitted African Mangoes into a blender or food processor and then setting everything into the refrigerator to cool. Be prepared for a tasty treat in about thirty minutes!

The African Mango has many healthy benefits, as well as some scrumptious perks as well! The wonder of nature and the foods that come from it will forever amaze the masses. If one is looking for a fruit that is both delicious and nutritious, they can not go wrong with the African Mango!


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  1. I used to love eating mangos as a kid from our neighbours tree. They had the fully developed Indian variety.

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